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Private Jet Management

Whether you need to fly for business or pleasure, you just call your duty pilot and everything else will be taken care of. Because of our own flexibility, we are able to build a company structure around your aircraft, which even allows your company to save money thanks to several benefits. 

Private flight operations provide you with more advantages compared to commercial operations.
As example less restrictions, outstanding relationship of loyalty and trust, shorter and direct ways, higher level of discretion, more service quality and full financial transparency without hidden costs. Our dedicated crew taking care of all details from accounting to piloting the aircraft as your personal operation team. No crew change, you always fly with people you know. Furthermore, we do not operate from a certain home base, so as to provide you with our services no matter where you are.

We are proud of our longstanding professional flight crews, acting as line training and civil aviation approved instructors and examiners (FAA & EASA). Our management has a total of more than 100 years accumulated aviation experience. All this enable us to say, you are more than in good hands.

Every journey begins with a dream and you are only a small step away from making it come true.
Find out more about the various benefits of private flight operations and contact us now.